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"SportHouse" for active life

Active pastimes are becoming the choice for more and more people in Belarus. A vivid example of this is the rising popularity of alpine skiing. However, some of the fascinating new sports that captivate numerous action sports enthusiasts worldwide are not growing that fast in our country. That s why we ve had this idea of introducing the amateurs to the exciting world of kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Kitesurfing is quite young, it was invented no more than ten years ago. This sport combines elements of wakeboarding and windsurfing and is very spectacular. Essentially, kitesurfing means skating on a board pulled by a kite on waves, snow, ice or field.

Accommodation at "SportHouse"

For comfortable and pleasant stay at "SportHouse" we offer lodging in a new two-storeyed guest house. The house has six rooms for guests, a toilet and a shower room, a kitchen with an electric oven and a hall overlooking Lake Naroch. There is also a furnace stoked with firewood. If necessary, the house can be additionally heated with electric oil heaters.

The rooms have a size of 16 to 21 m2 and are intended for 1 or 2 persons. The windows in the rooms are protected with mosquito nets. In the hall there is a big table for 10 places and a TV set with lots of satellite channels (NTV+).

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The car park has place for 5 cars.

Other facilities at "SportHouse" include a bath-house with a stack of firewood, a shower with hot water, a WC, a lodge with a tool kit and an open-air cage for dogs.

In the patio area between the owners house and the guest house there is a sheltered table, big enough for a company of 10-12 persons, and a chargrill for barbecues.

Those guests who would like to have a closer touch to nature and sleep in the forest can be accommodated at summer camping sites. One of such sites is located on the shore of Lake Naroch at a distance of 300 m from "SportHouse", and there are two more sites on Lake Beloye (1.5 km from "SportHouse"). The cost of camping is $1 a day.

Equipment available at "SportHouse"

"SportHouse" offers you a possibility to make the first move in kitesurfing and windsurfing or practice your surfing skills at advanced level under the supervision of highly-qualified instructors.

Experienced surfers can also rent professional equipment from our store. For this purpose "SportHouse" keeps a large shed in which equipment and accessories for all seasons are stored, including:

- windsurf sails with a size of 4.3 to 10.5 m2;

- windsurf boards with a volume of 95 to 240 litres;

- kites with a size of 3.7 to 20 m2;

- kiteboards for strong and light winds;

- snowboards;

- snowfers;

- alpine skis;

- buggys;

- mountain-boards;

- cross-country skis;

- bicycles;

- trainer kites and kid s kites;

- helmets and protective gear for arms and knees;

- table tennis accessories;

- balls.

Service is delivered to guests by the owners, their children and an administrator who also performs the functions of an interpreter.

The owners and their two children (who are 24 and 22 years old) have a good command of English, while the daughter and the administrator can also speak German.

All members of the family go in for sailing, biking and boating. The daughter regularly takes first places in republican girls sailing competitions. The son is often a winner in Minsk windsurfing competitions and a great fan of kiting.

How to contact us

+375 17 254 08 74
+375 29 610 02 85 (Elena)
+375 29 610 01 47 (Vladimir)
+375 29 682 45 22 (Aleksey)


On-line консультант ICQ: 232-026-109

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