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on lake Naroch

all the year round active holiday for sportfans

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"SportHouse" location

"SportHouse" on Naroch is located on the east shore of Lake Naroch between the "Sosny" sanatorium and the village of Gatovichi in the Naroch National Park.как доехать - карта

The location is in close vicinity to three large lakes:

  • 30 m to Lake Naroch (the largest and the most famous lake in Belarus);
  • 1 km to Lake Beloye (its water is famed for its healing properties);
  • 1.2 km to Lake Myastro.


A marvelous piny forest spreads up right as you leave the "SportHouse’s" territory.

"SportHouse" is approximately 130 km away from the Minsk ring road. There are several ways to get "SportHouse" from Minsk. The simplest way is to take a route taxi going through Myadel to the settlement of Naroch or to the "Sosny" sanatorium.

If you prefer to drive, go to Myadel first. Exit Myadel in the Vilnius direction,


drive 1.5 km to the village of Mikoltsy,  никольцы
turn left when you see the “Sosny sanatorium” marker сосны
and drive about 3 km on the road between lakes Myastro and Naroch. Right after the sign indicating the end of the village of Gatovichi, гатовичи -конец
turn right to the “No entry” sign. ” стоп
150 meters more to go and here you are. Welcome to "SportHouse" ворота

How to contact us

+375 17 254 08 74
+375 29 610 02 85 (Elena)
+375 29 610 01 47 (Vladimir)
+375 29 682 45 22 (Aleksey)


On-line консультант ICQ: 232-026-109

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